Here's What We Do and Who We Can Help ...

As a marketing and automation specialist, Tyson helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to generate more traffic, leads and sales for their business.  Tyson offers free training on his YouTube channel.  He also offers free online classes like the one you can register for on our home page.  This free training is designed to give you a sample of Tyson's expertise and to prove that we can help you by actually helping you.

For those who like our free training and want to dive deeper with more structured and in-depth content, we offer several different paid information products and courses on subjects such as traffic generation, lead generation, attraction marketing, closing sales, overcoming objections, video marketing and more.  You can see a full list of our product line below.

Products from Tyson Zahner

If you want to attract your perfect customer online, the attraction marketing bundle is perfect for you.  Not only will you discover how to identify your perfect customer, you'll learn how to attract your targeted audience to you, build trust and rapport quickly, generate leads on autopilot so that you can make more sales and crush your competition.

My entire business exploded once I started using video.  There is nothing that builds rapport faster and connects with a total stranger better than video to get your prospects to know, like and trust you so they feel comfortable buying from you.  Video marketing Blueprint is my step-by-step course on how I create videos that generate leads and make sales.  What equipment to use even if you're on a budget.   How to create and upload your videos.  How to optimize them for search engine rankings and more.  After you complete the Video Marketing Blueprint course, you will know exactly how to build your business with video.

If you don't have a product to promote or if you need additional products to offer to your existing customer base, affiliate products are an excellent way to create new income streams without having to create your own product.  But there are definitely some secrets that you need to know if you want to effectively promote affiliate offers.  As the #1 income earner in a very popular online affiliate program, I know exactly what that secret formula is and that's exactly what you're going to learn inside of the Affiliate Profit Formula.

If you want a complete A-Z blueprint for how to marketing your business online, then the Ultimate Marketing Formula is the course you want.  UMF is a step-by-step blueprint for building an automated online sales machine in just 28 days.  In week one, you'll set up your lead generation system.  In week 2, you'll set up the perfect magnetic sales message.  In week 3, you'll set up your automated email follow-up machine and in week 4, you'll start driving traffic to your system.  If you follow along and take action, you'll have a system for generating leads and sales by the end of 28 days.

If you are building any kind of a business where you have a team of other sales reps (real estate, insurance, networkers, etc.), one of the best ways to explode the growth of your team is to create content and sales resources that your entire team can use.  This plug-in allows you to do just that.  This is a plug-in that I had developed for over $3000 to use with my own team.  With it, you can create one master website with valuable content and sales messages and each person on your team can send traffic to the site with their own unique link.  All traffic that visits your site through that affiliate/distributor's unique link will be cookied to them and as a results, all subsequent sales will be credited to them as well.