If you'd like to get more traffic, leads and sales using the leverage and automation of the internet ... then you've come to the right place ...

Who is Tyson Zahner?

Tyson-Zahner-speaking-on-stage-to-aspiring-MLM-top-earnersTyson Zahner is an attraction marketing and automation specialist.

He helps people like you (small business owners, direct sales reps, service providers, info product creators, coaches, real estate and insurance agents, brick and mortar business owners ... and various other small business owners and entrepreneurs) to get more traffic, leads and sales for your business.

Tyson has a unique ability to teach you how to build automated systems that create leverage and freedom for you in your business so you can stop chasing people around and start focusing on more profit-producing activities.  If you've ever felt like your business owns you instead of the other way around, there's a good chance, Tyson's training can help. (You can see how he has helped other small business owners in these reviews of Tyson Zahner's program.)

Here's the abbreviated story of how I got to where I am today ...

I've always been entrepreneurial (I started my first brick and mortar business at 17 which I eventually sold after building it successfully for 25 years).  I also own a brick and mortar photography studio in my local town.  I discovered very early in my (photography business especially) that it doesn't matter how great your products are or how good of a job you do providing your service ... if no one knows you exist, your business will not survive.

This was the situation I found myself in.  I had started building my photography business with friends, family and co-workers and then built it further on the back of referrals from those people which worked for a while until I realized these methods can only help you to grow to a small extent (if you really want to scale and acquire LOTS of leads and customers, bugging friends and family and asking for referrals just ain't gonna cut it)

So I decided to learn actual direct-response marketing in the form of "attraction marketing" (getting my prospects to chase me instead of the other way around).  I got my hands on every book and course and attended as many seminars as I could to develop the skills that would allow me to attract high quality leads and customers (I discovered how to drive traffic online, how to find my perfect customers, how to craft compelling messages that move people to action, etc.)

I got pretty good at it ... and over the next year, I was able to acquire hundreds of new customers for my photography studio and grow that business to a multiple 6-figure income stream (not bad for a small business with no employees, working from home with just my wife and I running the business).

Over the next few years, I continued to grow my photography business with these attraction marketing techniques, but I also applied these same new skills to several other ventures including a direct-sales company where I enrolled over 1,000 people in less than a year and a very popular affiliate marketing program where I became their #1 income earner for 3 straight years in a row.

Eventually, other folks started to notice and they wanted to know what my secrets were.

I started getting questions like:

* "How are you creating so much success so quickly online?"
* "How is your photography studio growing so quickly?"
* "How are you attracting so many high-end clients and customers?"
* "How are you able to charge so much more than your competitors?"

So to answer those questions, I started teaching my marketing methods to other business owners and Alas ... my personal brand and this coaching and training company was born.

Today, I speak on stages all across the country teaching business growth and marketing strategies to small business owners and entrepreneurs just like you.

We have thousands of customers who've consumed various home study products (covering topics from traffic, to lead generation to sales conversion, to social media marketing and more).

We provide ongoing education to a large community of subscribers who pay to be a member each and every month in our private group coaching and inner circle program.

So if you're a business owner who needs more leads and/or customers and you want to discover how to do it in a leveraged way so that people are chasing you instead of you chasing them (which ultimately creates a lot more more freedom in your life and business),  I'd love to help you on that journey.

Here's a free webinar you can register for if you'd like to discover my simple 3 step formula to attracting leads on autopilot and making sales rejection-free. *


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