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 Now You Can Get Free Access to $3,473 Of My Best Trainings Just For Trying Out My Inner Circle Coaching Program

All you have to do is try my Inner Circle Coaching Program for 30 Days and I'll give you 9 of my best selling trainings, templates, courses, scripts and bonuses for $3,473

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Why in the World Are You Giving Away So Much Stuff for Free?

Dear Friend,

Do you see how long this page is?

Believe it or not, this is not a "sales letter"

Everything you see below is literally just an image and description of each amazing training, course, script, template, framework and tool that you're getting today for free with this crazy offer.

Which begs the obvious question ... "why are you giving away $3,473 worth of free premium courses, content, training, scripts and templates?"

The answer is simple.

I'm offering access to all of these trainings as a blatant bribe to get you to try my Inner Circle coaching program.

My guess is if you're like me, you don't really want to hear a bunch of hype and a bunch of promises ... you'd probably rather try something with virtually zero risk and let the value speak for itself.

So - to further answer the questions - I'm using all of this free training to get your attention, and I'm taking a gamble that you'll really enjoy my coaching program and that you'll want to remain a monthly member.

Pretty simple.

It's the old "prove you can help someone by actually helping them" strategy.

... Works pretty good.

So I'll tell you about all these trainings I'm bribing you with in a minute ... but first let me show you how the program itself will help you:

The First Way This Helps You Is You Get Personalized Help From Me Whenever You Need It.

Here's how that works.

We do LIVE video group conference calls every other week.  You can ask questions ahead of time and watch the recording or show up LIVE and get help right there on the call.

We also have a private Facebook group with high performers across multiple industries that share valuable information the rest of the world never discovers.

You can ask me questions directly in that Facebook group at any time or get help from other members who are going through the same challenges in their business that you are.

For example,

Let's Imagine You Need Help RIGHT NOW

In this example, let's say you're having trouble getting leads for your business (a common problem that happens to just about every business owner).

I'll literally give you specific examples, ideas and instructions for how to generate leads for your business right on our LIVE coaching calls.

This is stuff you can implement immediately so that this membership pays for itself each and every month.

Or let's say you're running an ad campaign on Facebook and it's not performing like you want (happens all the time).

Well, you can just submit your ad for review on one of our coaching calls and I'll take a look at your funnel and tell you exactly what to fix.

Whether you need help sales conversions, email marketing, videos, webinars, lead generation, copy or even tech stuff (like making your funnels and email automations work right), you'll have direct access to me whenever you need help.

But this is just the beginning.

The Second Way This Helps You Is You Get Direct Access To Me, Personally, As I Show You What's Working NOW

Let's face it ...

The internet is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up with what marketing and advertising methods are working right now.

Every other week, we do LIVE coaching calls where I reveal exactly what I'm doing in my own business.

These are like LIVE WORKSHOPS where I walk you through campaigns, ads, promos, and other strategies that have worked best over the past few weeks.

Here's How This is DIFFERENT From Anything Else You've Tried

First - you'll see what's working best ACROSS THE BOARD IN *ALL* INDUSTRIES.

Here's what I mean.

I've been running successful business, across a wide range of industries, since 1994 and I've run successful marketing campaigns (both online and offline) for all of them.

I've sold low-ticket, impulse buy products (my first business was a shaved ice business).

I've sold high ticket products and services as well.

I've sold physical products, I've sold services, I've sold information products, memberships, coaching, consulting and even business opportunities.  

I've sold my own products but I've also been a top earner selling other people's products (both as an affiliate and a direct sales rep/distributor in network marketing opportunities and direct sales programs)

I've sold locally to small regional audiences and I've sold worldwide.

I've sold business to consumer and I've sold business to business.

I think you get the point ...

I'm telling you this to reiterate that it doesn't matter what you sell or what type of business you're in, I'm 100% I can help you.

LIVE Hot-Seat Sessions!

If you need your business reviewed, you can easily submit a review request before any one of our LIVE video group conference calls and I'll personally review whatever aspect of your business needs help.

(or you can just be a "fly on the wall" and get ideas from seeing how I help other businesses to bring in more leads and sales.

You can attend these calls LIVE and interact with me in real time ...

Or you can submit your request ahead of time and just watch the recording in your members' website afterward.

They're all recorded, so if you miss one ... you can access them any time you want.

Content and Training Custom-Tailored Specifically To Your Type of Business

After 28 years in business, and over 13,000 paying customers who are small business owners and entrepreneurs just like you, I can tell you with 100% confidence that YOUR BUSINESS IN UNIQUE.

Which is why it would be a waste of time if someone with a consulting business had to go through a bunch of training for people who had e-commerce sites.

... or why someone who sells to "the masses" wouldn't get much value from content that was created for someone who sells "business to business"

And that's why you get customized training that's tailored specifically to your business type ... and also to your goals.

There's two ways I make this work.

1.  I'll answer your questions directly in our Facebook group or on our LIVE video group conference calls and hot seat sessions so that you can get personalized advice from me for your specific business.

2.  I'm giving you access to my case study vault as a bonus.

My case study vault is a searchable database where you can find specific training for virtually any business within a matter of seconds.

Let's say you're a real estate agent, for example and you want specific advice tailored to what you do.

All you have to do is search the members' website for keywords like "realtor" or "real estate", and you'll find tons of training and case studies that I've done through the years for other realtors.

And just about every business imaginable is in the case study vault.

(and if it's not, just ask for help directly for your business and it will be added to the vault)

Surely, This Must Be Expensive ... Right?

You're getting personalized help with this program along with hours upon hours of searchable, well-organized training, content and case studies.

I've seen coaching programs that cost $25,000 per year that don't give you even a fraction of what you're getting in my inner circle.

So if you're thinking this membership sounds like it would be expensive, I can understand why.

But it's not.

Instead, I'm using the good old Godfather Secret and I'm Making you ...

An Offer You Just Can't Refuse

I once heard that the keys to success are pretty simple:

First, you find out what people want.

Then you create a product that meets their desires ... and you make it VASTLY SUPERIOR to any other product like it in the market.

And finally, you offer it at AN UNBEATABLE PRICE.

It's a classic formula that's been proven time and time again.

And that's why I've applied it to this program.

Up until now, the only way anyone could ever get into my inner circle coaching program was to purchase a home study course for $500 to meet the eligibility requirements and then the membership is $147 per month.

But you do not need to spend $500+ on a product to become eligible nor do you need to pay $147 per month.

You can try it right now for just $97.

You'll have 30-days access to everything mentioned above and there's no contracts or long-term commitments.

You can quit whenever you want.  

But if you do decide to remain a member, you'll be grandfathered in at the discounted monthly rate of just $97.

If you do the math, that's just $3.23 per day which is about the price of a Starbucks Coffee.

Which would you rather have?

A Starbucks Coffee or my personalized help creating financial security and predictable income for your business?

Let's face it ..

$3.23 isn't going to change your life, but the work we do together can change your business.

In fact, this membership shouldn't "cost" you anything.

If you just implement one campaign or strategy that I give you, this membership should bring in FAR MORE than the $97 per month membership fee.

Just ask yourself how many sales you need to make to re-coop $97 (for most of you, I bet it's just a single sale).

Don't you think you can make one extra sale per month with the personalized help I'm going to give you in the Inner Circle?

Of course you can, but since I want to make this a complete no brainer decision for you ...

You're Also Getting Access To $3,473 Worth of Premium Training and Bonuses, FREE!

If you're old enough to remember the "football phone" offer that sports illustrated gave away for free to get people to try a SI magazine subscription ...

... then you'll understand why I'm giving away all of this cool stuff to get you to try my inner circle.

It's a blatant bribe!

But what I'm giving you is worth a heck of a lot more than a cheap football phone.

This is over $3,473 worth of courses, trainings and bonuses that I'm certain will double or even triple your sales while allowing you to charge premium prices and still beat your competitors even if you're in a crowded market.

And guess what ...

Even if you decide not to remain a member of the inner circle, you can keep all the premium trainings and bonuses listed below as my way of saying "thanks" for trying it out.

Here's Everything You're Getting for FREE When You Try Out the Inner Circle Today!

The 4-Day Sales Boost Challenge

This training normally sells for $297 that's guaranteed to increase your sales conversions (and help you to command higher prices even if you're in a crowded market).

You'll dramatically boost your revenue in just 4 days with the simple, yet very effective tweaks I show you how to make to your existing offer and/or sales presentation

(Total Value: $297.00)

Included In This Amazing Offer!

The Price Objection Obliterator Guide

If you’ve ever had a prospect say, “I can’t afford it” or “Your price is too expensive”.  This guide will be your new best friend. 

Not only will I show you exactly what to say to overcome pricing objections, I’m going to show you 13 ways to get your prospects to justify paying higher prices.

(Total Value: $197.00)

Included In This Amazing Offer!

The 8-Figure Pitch Script

This script (one of my most valued assets) is responsible for over 8 figures in sales revenue for my own business so it’s easily worth at least $997. 

I use this script on almost a weekly basis every time I create a new pitch, and I guarantee this will make you more money and save you a ton of time. 

It is a fill-in-the-blank template that anyone can use to drastically boost your sales without having to be pushy or hypey and without having to be a create wordsmith. 

You can use this fill-in-the-blank script to create sales videos.  You can use it to write sales letters that your prospects read on your website.  You can even take this language and use it in a one-on-one sales environment.  You are going to LOVE this training.

(Total Value: $997.00)

Included In This Amazing Offer!

The High Ticket Marketing Guide

If you’re selling an expensive product, service or coaching program, you need to know how to tweak your marketing accordingly. 

This guide reveals the very best strategy for marketing high ticket products, attracting prospects who already want what you're selling and how to qualify those prospects so you're not wasting time with dead beats and tire kickers.

(Total Value: $97.00)

Included In This Amazing Offer!

24 Fill-in-the-Blank Copy Formulas

I use these fill-in-the-blank templates in my business on nearly a daily basis.  I'm certain you will too!
You'll find yourself using them for headlines, email subjects, Video titles, bullet points in ads, Lead Magnets, Book Titles, Webinar Hooks, Facebook posts and a whole lot more

This is by far, the most versatile component of this entire offer and you're gonna love it!

(Total Value: $297.00)

Included In This Amazing Offer!

The Appointment Keeper Blueprint

If you have ever had a prospect stand you up, not show up to an appointment or if you’ve had online events like webinars and your show-up rate is not good, this training is perfect for you!

You'll discover 6 Simple Things you can do to drastically increase your show-up rate to sales appointments, phone calls and even webinars. 

Just think.  If you’re currently only getting a 20% show-up, these 6 simple steps can easily boost your show-up rate to 40%.  That’s double the exposure which means double the sales.

(Total Value: $197.00)

Included In This Amazing Offer!

10 Unspoken Selling Secrets

You’ve probably heard that people buy based on emotion not based on logic, right?

This training shows you to tap in to the 10 most primal desires and emotions that REALLY drive your prospects’ buying decisions so you can close more sales with less rejection and resistance.

(Total Value: $297.00)

Included In This Amazing Offer!

The 10 Question Closing Checklist

There are 10 questions that your prospects are asking themselves subconsciously.  If you fail to answer even one of these 10 subconscious questions, it will drastically reduce your sales. 

This simple little checklist training will allow you to make sure, at a glance you’ve answered the 10 most pressing questions that ever single prospect has before they’ll buy.

Regardless of what you’re selling... Regardless of your niche or your product ... and regardless of your price point, this training will absolutely help you to close more sales

(Total Value: $97.00)

Included In This Amazing Offer!

Tyson's Personal Selling Swipe File

I must admit, I was hesitant to give this one away because I have spent years putting this swipe file together. 

It has some of the best, highest converting promotions I’ve ever seen online.

You’ll get over 40 full sales funnels from start to finish.  This swipe file includes screenshots of every page in these high-performing funnels.  It also includes videos for every funnel that used a webinar or a sales video.

The truth is ... I want to new influx of cash into my business very quickly, this is the first place I go, and I believe it'll be the first place you go too as it will save you a ton of time, energy and frustration. 

You'll simply look for a promotion in this swipe file.  Grab the pages of the funnel. Modify the funnel strategy for what you're selling and you're off to the races.

(Total Value: $997.00)

Included In This Amazing Offer!



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4-Day Sales Boost Challenge - ($297 Value)
The Price Objection Obliterator Guide ($197 Value)
The 8-Figure Pitch Script ($997 Value)
The High Ticket Marketing Guide ($97 Value)
24 Fill-in-the-Blank Copy Formulas ($297 Value)
The Appointment Keeper Blueprint ($197 Value)
10 Unspoken Selling Secrets ($297 Value)
The 10 Question Closing Checklist ($97 Value)
Tyson's Personal Selling Swipe File ($997 Value)

Total Value: $3,473

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