If you'd like to get more traffic, leads and sales using the leverage and automation of the internet ... then you've come to the right place ...

Who is Tyson Zahner?

Tyson-Zahner-speaking-on-stage-to-aspiring-MLM-top-earnersTyson Zahner is an attraction marketing and automation specialist.

He helps people like you (small business owners, network marketers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs) to get more traffic, leads and sales for your business.

Tyson has a unique ability to teach you how to build automated systems that create leverage and freedom for you in your business so you can stop chasing people around and start focusing on more profit producing activities.  Like actually owning your business instead of it owning you (or just spending more time living life ... your prerogative)

Here's the abbreviated story of how I got to where I am today (if you want to read the whole story and discover how my former upline sponsor banished me from my previous team and publicly scolded me for turning to the internet, you can find that on my blog).

I've always been entrepreneurial (I started my first brick and mortar business at 17 which I still own today).  I've also always been drawn to the network marketing business model for the leverage it provides in it's compensation model.  So in addition to my first brick and mortar business I started at 17, I also got involved in network marketing at 17 years of age.

I did everything I was told ... I chased family and friends.  I drew circles on napkins at the local coffee shop.  I invited people to hotel meetings and I just couldn't make it work.

After a while I was repelling people and feeling like a slimy, pushy salesperson so I quit network marketing and focused on my other business.  I also went on to college to become a public school music teacher and get a "real job".

Long-Story short, I kept coming back to network marketing.  Over the next 18 years, I joined 3 network marketing companies and I failed in all 3 of them (as in "I-didn't-recruit-a-single-person" failed).

I finally turned to the internet one night and I ran across a 10 day attraction marketing boot camp that was talking about how you could recruit people into an MLM business on the internet, rejection FREE - without chasing dead beat leads or bothering friends and family.

I put my name and email address in for that free 10 day boot camp and then purchased a small ebook on the subject of attraction marketing shortly thereafter and as they say, the rest is history.

Less than 12 months later, I had recruited over 1,000 people into my network marketing business (all online without ever chasing people around) and I created a multiple 6-figure income and was invited to speak on stages around the country to share my success with others just like you. *

Ever since then, I have been using Attraction Marketing and building automated systems for my various businesses (network marketing businesses, affiliate product promotions, as well as my offline traditional brick and mortar photography business).

To say that attraction marketing has changed my life would be a huge understatement.

If you're a business owner who's looking to create more freedom and automation in your business, I know attraction marketing can do the same for you and I'd love to help you on that journey.

Here's a free webinar you can register for if you'd like to discover my simple 3 step formula to attracting leads on autopilot and making sales rejection-free. *