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"Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days v2.0":  Guaranteed to get high quality leads and consistent traffic on autopilot. (Normal Price: $999)
Module 1 "The Foundation":  Determining the Best Way to Get High Quality Leads and Traffic for Your Specific Business
Module 2 "The System":  Building a very Simple System (with almost no tech setup required) to attract your perfect audience to your business 
Module 3 "Fast Results with Facebook":   How to Get BOTH Free traffic from Facebook and How to Run Paid Ads (starting at just $5 per day) that Actually Work and don't get your account shut down
Module 4 "Dominating Google and YouTube":   Discover how to get leads and traffic from the biggest search engine and the most used video platform on earth
Module 5: "After the Click":  Follow-Up Templates, List Building Strategies, Text, SMS, Email Marketing and More
BONUS "The $1 Million per Year Business Blueprint":  This bonus alone should pay for the investment in this course.  I would guess that less than 1% of business owners know the profit-producing secrets revealed in this training.  Your Free When you Purchase Today Only
BONUS "The 180° Business Makeover"  Discover a Real World Case Study of a Business that Almost Had to Shut Down in the Middle of the Pandemic and just a few weeks later was generating 476 Leads per week - You'll see their ads, their sales process, the hurdles they faced and how they overcame them so you can shortcut your success by avoiding the same mistakes they made! (BONUS Available Today Only)
BONUS "10 Credibility Secrets"  If you've ever been concerned that people won't take you seriously, this bonus training reveals 10 Ways to Establish Trust and Credibility Even if You're Brand new and No One's Ever Heard of You  (BONUS Available Today Only)
BONUS "Testimonial Collection Blueprint":  If you're not getting the right kind of testimonials for your business, you might as well not be using testimonials at all.  This bonus reveals not only the right kind of testimonials that help to drive the sale, but also how to acquire them easily (BONUS Available Today Only)
BONUS "Troll Control: How to Profit from Trolls and Haters":  Haters are not to be feared.  In fact, they can make you a lot of money if you know how to manage them and use their vitriol to pad your bank account.  This bonus shows you how. (BONUS Available Today Only)
MYSTERY BONUS COURSE:  My Associate Runs a Multi-Million Dollar Advertising Agency and Has an Amazing Course that She Allows me to Give Away to my Best Customers When I Feel Like it. (Normally Sells for $1,500 ... Today Only, FREE)

Total Real World Value: $2,499

Today Just: $397

Here's Who This is For ...

Unless you have a system in place that takes care of your traffic and lead generation for you on autopilot, your offer and sales presentation will be like a fine restaurant in a back alley that nobody knows about ...

What good is a great offer if not enough people see it, right?

Plus, if you don't have a steady traffic source bringing you high quality leads on autopilot, you'll still be wasting your time chasing people.  You'll have to manually filter out the bad prospects which will likely result in more rejection and lower conversions rates and ultimately that means ...

You Could Be Leaving a LOT of money on the table!

And that's exactly why I've created this specific offer.

To determine whether this offer is right for you, just ask yourself if you fall into any one of the following 3 categories:

Group 1: "Not Enough Leads"

These are people who don't have many leads and have no clue how to get them.

They're tired of the old methods like chasing family and friends, prospecting strangers at the restaurant.  Cold calling and getting hung up on, etc.

and they don't want to rely on the uncertainty and unpredictability of referrals alone.

If you frustrated with your existing lead generation methods and don't know how to find more people, then you fall into group #1

This program can definitely solve your problems by helping you generate a steady stream of traffic and leads to your offers on autopilot.

Group 2: "Low Quality Leads"

If you're getting leads, but you're frustrated at the quality ...

i.e. - They're tire kickers, they're unqualified, they're not a good fit for what you're selling, they give tons of excuses and resistance when it's time to close ...

These are problems that can easily be solved if you target and attract better quality prospects.

This product will help you solve that problem through targeting and messaging strategies that weed out the riff-raff while simultaneously attracting and qualifying your perfect customer.

Group 3: "Having Trouble Scaling"

Finally, if you're already getting decent quality leads, but you just don't know how to scale up so you can get your business to the next level, this program can solve that problem by helping you attract leads from multiple sources ...

Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, free organic traffic and more ...

If you fall into any one of these 3 groups, then this offer is 100% for you

Here's Why This Investment is Safe and Smart

When you apply this training, there's no reason you shouldn't make back this minimal investment within your first sale or two.

and more importantly, you'll possess a set of skills that can pay you and bring you new leads for the rest of your life.

But I don't expect you to take my word for it, which is why I'm also offering a ...

90-Day Double Your Money Back Guarantee

Yes, you read that right ... 

I'm willing to give you double back the money you paid for this course if it doesn't produce the results you want within 90 days.  

Now, this is an ACTION-BASED Guarantee to prevent unethical people from taking advantage of it so here's how it works.  

You have a full 90 days to apply this to your business and if you don’t get results, I’ll give you double back what you paid for it.

The reason I’m able to offer this is because the program, flat out works.  

The people who use this get crazy results and they don’t need a refund because the course pays for itself.

But if, on the off chance this doesn’t work for you after you've made a real attempt to apply it to your business (i.e.  you consume the training,  You run some ads the way I show you to, etc.) ... 

If you’re not satisfied and this does not help you, I will not only refund you, I will give you double your money back.

This way your ad costs are recuperated and you’re compensated for any time wasted (terms of the guarantee here)

REMEMBER!  This One Time Offer, The Discount and Bonuses are GONE When You Leave This Page

Here's What Other Students Have to Say ...

"I generated 40 leads in the last 4 days after implementing your feedback!  I booked 3 consultations so far and looks like I might make my first sale this week with a client.  That's $70 in and $1500 out so far!  THANK YOU!"


We were completely devastated by COVID and just crickets and now 476 online leads a week!  Talk about Results


Within 2 hours, I had my very first lead and then constantly, every day since that ad launched, I have had a steady stream of 5-6 new leads contacting me every day for information about my products that can help them.  I was stunned!


"Thank you Tyson Zahner, for your coaching! This year has been amazing. The things you taught Brian and I and continue to teach us, has allowed us to increase our income over $20,000 this year! We couldn’t have done it without your guidance" *

rae and brian permann

"I have used Tyson's training, and it has been the best training I'e ever received!  I am up to over 400 leads in 5 weeks! I have paid for countless other programs and never had results like I have received from Tyson's training"

Deanna Fossen

One video has given me 2 leads recently and both lead to closed deals totaling around $13,000 in commissions.  I can't thank you enough for your content.

david burgess

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