How to Drastically Increase Your Sales in Just 4 Days without Being Pushy, Annoying or Hypey

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Drastically Boost Your Sales in Just 4 Days

We'll Build an Irresistible Offer to Get More SALES, Customers & Revenue for Your Business in Just 4 Days or Less!

What We're Doing

We're building an irresistible offer, a compelling pitch and a persuasive sales presentation for your business that's designed to drastically boost your sales ... in just 4 days.
We're creating a re-usable ASSET for your business that you'll own and control when this challenge is over.  In other words, everything we build together is YOURS ... to use and benefit from long after the challenge ends.
We're making MASSIVE PROGRESS in your business.  Without a compelling offer and a persuasive pitch, nothing else you do will matter.  This is, without a doubt the most important part of your business and we're getting it done together in just 4 days!

How I Will Teach You

You're getting super-simple video trainings (along with a PDF blueprint) that you can easily knock out in just 4 days (or if you're an over-achiever, you could even do a crash course and knock it all out in one day)
You'll have lifetime access to the recordings so if you need to go back over the training, it's yours forever 
You'll be looking over my shoulder as I walk you through every step of the process, keeping it super simple so you'll actually implement and leave this challenge with a new skill you can benefit from forever 

Start Date and Schedule

This training is 100% on-demand! 

You'll get immediate access within 10 minutes after you complete the checkout process which means you can start today if you want, and then you can go at whatever pace you're comfortable with.

There are only 4 lessons so most of our students just do one per day, but since none of them are particularly long, you could knock it all out in a single day (if you prefer) or you can go at whatever pace you want and take all the time you need.

Remember, you'll have lifetime access to this class so you can watch and rewatch whenever it's convenient.

Important Disclaimer

I'm not promising you financial results of any kind nor am I making or implying any income claims.  It's impossible for me to make any predictions about your actual sales and revenue from this class because I don't know your business, your product or your work ethic.

What I can promise you is you'll have a great learning experience as you look over my shoulder and I teach you how to craft an irresistible offer and a persuasive pitch that's designed to get you way more customers than you're currently getting now.

The skillset I'm going to teach you is something you will have forever which means you can use it for any other product, service or business that you want to sell down the road.

Once you have this knowledge, no one can take it from you ... it's a skillset you'll have forever.

The Cost

The cost of this extensive 4-day training is only $67.  This is a one time fee and you'll never be charged again.

The regular price of this class is $298 so you're getting a massive discount of the normal price that I think you'll agree is a minimal investment for everything you're getting.

In fact, most should be able to make back the $67 investment from the first sale made as a result of applying this highly effective information.

And the reason for the low price is quite simple ...

Most of my customers are so thrilled with their initial purchase that they want to do more business with me and refer their friends.  I'm hoping you'll feel the same way ... that once you get results with this 4-day class, you'll want to remain a  customer,  refer your friends and do even more business with me in the future. 

If you've never met me before, you're likely skeptical so the low price is my way of getting as many people in the door as possible so the burden is 100% on me to prove that what I've got for you in this class is the real-deal.

I see this as a win-win for both of us. 

You'll get great results for your business and you'll be thrilled, and I'll have a new customer who hopefully wants to do more business with me in the future.

The Guarantee

You have a Full 90-Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee on This Purchase

I want you to have plenty of time to take action on this training and put it to the test in your business.  And I'm so certain it will give you the results you're looking for ... that's why I'm giving you a full 90 days to implement it. 

If it doesn't pay for itself at least 10 times over in the sales boost you get from applying it, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund of your $67, no questions asked.


You've probably seen the countdown timer on this page.

This ridiculous discounted price (and the page) expires when the timer hits "zero".

The reason for the deadline is simple and two-fold.  

#1 - Urgency works (that's one of the things we'll be talking about in the class and I'll show you several ways to apply urgency and scarcity in your own business even if you can't use a countdown timer)

#2 - This class is for action-takers.  If somebody is hemming and hawing over a $67 investment, it's probably not a good fit for them anyway.  But if you've read this far, you're obviously one of the serious ones who wants to increase your sales and is willing to take action to get it done ...

This challenge will help you do that.  Sign up right away by clicking the button below.


This Stuff Actually Gets Results!

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