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2 LIVE Video Group Coaching Calls Per Month:  Get all your questions answered and overcome any roadblocks that arise by getting my LIVE personalized help twice every month
Recorded Replay of Each Coaching Call:  Can't attend the group coaching calls LIVE?  Just submit a question ahead of time and watch the recorded replay later
Private Facebook Group:  Need a question answered immediately?  Can't wait for one of the bi-monthly coaching calls?   Just ask inside my Private Facebook group and I or someone from my team will answer within a matter of hours
The Inner Circle Community:  Connect with Hundreds of Other Business Owners and Entrepreneurs just Like you so you can see what's working for others, get fresh ideas and perhaps even strike up some profitable, mutually-beneficial relationships
Discounts and VIP Early Access:  When I launch new training, my inner circle always gets first access at a discount (often for free)
Physical BONUS Gifts Sent in the Mail:  Yes, I like to show my appreciation to my VIP members so I'll periodically send physical gifts to you in the mail (how many other INTERNET marketers do that?) ... But this is only for my VIP inner circle.
34% OFF Membership:  While there's no obligation to remain a member, when you sign up today you'll not only get your first 30 Days Free, I'll lock you in at just $97 per month (normally $147/mo) should you choose to remain a member past your trial.
No Obligations, Cancel at Any Time:  There are absolutely NO Long Term Commitments to remain a member of the inner circle and cancelling is simple and hassle-free.  In fact, you can cancel right from inside your members website with just a couple clicks.
BONUS "The FAQ Files":  Just about every common question that my students have had over the past several years has been answered and archived in this searchable FAQ database.  Got questions about your target audience, or Facebook ads, follow-up or list building or practically anything else you want to know ... just search and you'll have answers in seconds (30 Days FREE Access)
BONUS "The Case Study and Ad Review Vault":  If you want to save yourself a TON of time, guesswork and frustration, this searchable database is a must.  Within seconds, you can find ad reviews, page critiques and case studies from businesses in just about every industry you can imagine (there's a VERY high probability your industry is in here).  You get 30 Days free access included with your membership so you can figure out what's working (and avoid what's NOT) in your specific industry

Normal Price: $147 per month

Today:  FREE

FAQs About This Membership

Do I Have to Activate the 30-Day Free Trial Right Now or Can I Wait?

There are two very important reasons why you want to activate your 30-day free coaching trial right now instead of waiting until later. 

#1 - The inner circle coaching program is normally $147 per month.  If you activate your free trial next week and then decide to stick around past your 30-day free trial, you'll be paying $147 per month to remain a member.  But if you activate your free trial right here on this page, I'm going to lock you in at just $97 per month instead.  That means if you stick around past your 30-day free trial, you'll be paying $50 less every single month to remain a member.  But that discount is only available as a fast action bonus for decisive members when you activate your free-trial today on this page. 

#2 - for the second reason why you want to activate today, see the answer below to discover what else you get past your 30-day free trial when you activate today

Why Would I Want to Remain a Member After the 30-day Free Trial?

The answer to this question is also the second reason why you'll want to activate your 30-day free trial right now instead of waiting until next week or next month ...

Every month that you remain a member of the inner circle, I'm going to give you one free training course from my legacy training library as a bonus for remaining a member (each one of these courses sell for $500-$1000 individually, but I'm going to release these courses to you each and every month at no additional cost just for remaining a member of the inner circle)

All you have to do is activate your 30-day free trial right now and when you stick around past 30 days, I'll start releasing additional free courses to you each and every month.  So not only will you be getting my help and my coaching to build your business every single month ...

You'll also be getting access to my private Facebook support group.  You'll also be getting LIVE video group conference calls with me every other week so you can submit your ads for review or ask questions about why an offer isn't converting, etc.  And then on top of all of that (as long as you activate your 30-day free trial right now on this page), I'm going to give you my additional training courses each and every month (that means you're basically getting a $500 bonus training course every single month for just $97)

How Would I Cancel?  Is This a Long-Term Commitment?

This is NOT a long-term commitment.  

You can cancel at any time right inside your members' website with just a few clicks.  If you want to cancel before your 30-day free trial is over, that's fine ... no additional charges would ever be billed to your card.  If you want to stick around for just a couple of months, that's fine too or if you want to stick around for the entire year so you can collect new courses each and every month, I'd love to have you.  It's entirely up to you how long you remain a member.

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