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How Much Faster Could You Get Results if You Had Free Coaching for a Full Year and You Never Had to Buy Another Training Program Ever Again?

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Hey it's Tyson ... 

Congratulations on your decision to grab the Low Tech Leads Bootcamp!  I know you're very excited and 100% ready to start transforming your business (which is exactly what this training will do for you) ... 

But before you log-in to the members' area, I want to show right here, on this page you how you can really speed up your results (I'm talking 3 times the results in half the time with none of the confusion!) 

You may recall from the webinar that I promised you 30 days of free coaching in my inner circle mastermind (where you can ask me questions directly, participate in live group video conference calls, get your work reviewed by me personally and ultimately avoid confusion and roadblocks ... sounds pretty sweet, right?).  

Well, what if I could show you a way to a full year of free coaching with me instead of just 30 days ... and what if you never had to buy another training program ever again? 

If any of that sounds appealing, just give me about 5 minutes of your time and pay very close attention to the information on this page!

This Offer is NOT for Everyone

Now, I have to tell you, this offer is NOT for everyone.  This is only for people who are really serious about getting superior results in less time and for those who want a mentor guiding them through the process.  This is NOT for lazy people who aren't willing to take action ... and it isn't for unteachable know-it-alls. 

But for serious business owners like you, I'm going to make you a very special, one-time offer that's only available on this page, right here, right now. 

Because you've proved that you're an action taker, I'd like to give you an opportunity to grab my Legacy Collection right now for over 90% off!

What is the Legacy Collection?

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The legacy collection is my entire library of training courses (it's what I plan to pass on to my kids one day when they want to become successful entrepreneurs ... hence the name "The Legacy Collection"). 

This is like getting an all-access pass to every course I've ever created, and here's why you want to grab it today! 

Smart business owners (like yourself) understand that running a successful business is a marathon, not a sprint (while amateurs, on the other hand are constantly looking for "the one-secret-tactic" that will make them successful tomorrow).  In other words, the best entrepreneurs and top earners are constantly investing in themselves by developing new skills and acquiring new information so they can always have a competitive edge over the competition. 

The Legacy collection will give you just that ... a huge competitive advantage!   And here's why: 

Once you start generating leads using "The Low Tech Leads Bootcamp", there will inevitably be new questions that start to arise. 

Questions like ...

How do I turn more of my leads into sales
How do I get more traffic?
What script works best for a webinar or a sales video?
What's the best way to incorporate video into my marketing?
How do I do Facebook LIVE (or YouTube videos) the right way?
What's the best way to follow-up using email?
How can I make more money from my existing customers?
etc. etc. etc. ...

When you say "YES" to my Legacy Collection today, you'll never have to worry about these questions going unanswered ever again ... all of this (AND MORE) is covered in my complete training library.  This means you're going to have the total package ... a full set resources that you can reference at any time for the rest of your life (I truly believe this will end up being one of your most prized, cherished and frequently used possessions).  So at this point, you're probably wondering what all is included.

Here's Everything You're Getting in the Legacy Collection

WOW!  That's a Lot ... What if I'm Not Ready to Consume Everything Right Away?

Don't worry if you're not ready to go through some of these courses right away (I wouldn't expect you to go through everything at once).  You'll have peace of mind knowing that it's all there for you when you need it (now or later).  Because when you lock-in your lifetime access to my Legacy Collection today at over 99% off, you can just log-in anytime down the road when you need to look up a script or find a template or develop a new skill ... it's all there waiting for you. 

But more importantly, I'm going to take an active role in making sure you get remarkable results in your business because when you say YES to The Legacy Collection today ...

You're Also Getting a Full Year of FREE COACHING in my Inner Circle

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That's right!  When you grab The Legacy Collection today at more than 99% off, I'm going to upgrade you to a full year of Free Coaching in my Inner Circle Mastermind. 

So instead of just having access to me for only 30 days, you're now getting a full year for free (that means NO reoccurring payments).  Imagine never getting stuck or confused or frustrated because any time you have a question or something isn't quite working right over the next 12 months, you've got me to help. 

You'll have access to my private Facebook group where you can ask questions and you can even submit your work for my review or speak to me LIVE on our group video conference calls that are held every other week (in case you're wondering, we alternate the call times to accommodate all time zones ... and if you're unable to attend one the calls LIVE, you can send in your questions ahead of time and then watch the replay later). 

The inner circle membership is normally $147 per month, but you're getting a full year, for FREE when you grab the Legacy Collection Today.  That's a real world value of $1,764, and when you add that to the value of the Legacy Collection which is worth well over $11,000 ...

You're Getting a Value of $25,959 at a 99.96% Discount

My regular asking price of The Legacy Collection is $1997, and I'm sure you would agree it's a bargain at the price (considering that I've paid double that amount on many occasions for just a single home study course ... remember, you're getting 12 different courses)

But to make this one-time offer ultra irresistible, I'm going to cut the investment in half ...

There's nothing more to pay ever again and you'll have lifetime access to ever training product I've ever created (plus a full 12 months of free coaching in my inner circle mastermind)

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90-Day Get Results or Get Your Money Back Guarantee

That's right! I’m taking all the risk off your shoulders and putting it on mine (where it belongs) by giving you a full 90 day Get Results or Get Your Money Back Guarantee. 

So there’s no way you can lose!  You either make your money back from implementing this incredible training or I'll give you a full refund.  We simply ask that you give any two of the Legacy collection courses a good solid effort by doing the coursework and participating in at least two of the Inner Circle group video conference calls by submitting your work for help/review.  If you're not thrilled with your results after completing these requirements, I will happily give you a 100% refund within the first 90 days. (you can view our complete refund policy here

When you consider everything you're getting ... the 99.96% discount plus the 12-months of free coaching along with a complete 90-day money back guarantee, I'm sure you would agree this is a no-brainer decision.  So scroll down to the bottom of the page right now and click one of the orange buttons to gain instant access to the Legacy Collection.

But Remember!  This one-time offer expires when you leave this page.

You cannot find The Legacy Collection or the 12 Free Months of Bonus Coaching anywhere else. So make sure you grab it today while you can!

Add the Legacy Collection to Your Order By Clicking the Button Below Now

But WAIT!  I Have One Final Surprise Bonus for You


1-on-1 Coaching Call with Tyson

This is a bonus that I've never offered for FREE and because my time is limited, this bonus is only available to a small number of fast action takers.

When you purchase the Legacy collection right now, I'll throw in a one-on-one coaching call with me personally that you can utilize anytime in the next 90 days.  

We can talk about anything you need help with. 

I can analyze your ads or your funnel or your offer or your copy or you sales videos.  Any aspect of your business that needs help is on the table for discussion on this call ... or I can just analyze your specific business and advise you on what to do next to reach your income goals.

I normally charge $1,000 per hour for my one-on-one coaching calls, but today, I'm just throwing in a free one-hour call with me (on top of the 1-year access to my inner circle group coaching) and you can get it all included for free when you grab this one-time offer right now.

Add the Legacy Collection to Your Order By Clicking the Button Below Now

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