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Here's What's Included in the
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Closing Mastery

Discover How to Build Instant Rapport,
Overcome Objections and Close Sales with Ease.


  • The 3 Questions Your Prospects MUST have answered (but they'll almost never say them out loud)
  • 5 Closing Secrets That Most Sales Trainers Never Talk About
  • How to Instantly Eliminate Your Fear of Sales and Closing.
  • 3 Simple Techniques that Will Ensure You Never Waste Your Time on Unqualified Prospects Again
  • Which Conversion Medium You Should Choose for the Highest Closing Rates
  • 3 Simple Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of the Phone
  • 2 Sneaky Ways to Get Cold Market Prospects Calling Your
  • The 5-Step Formula To Instantly Build Trust With Your Prospect
  • Word-for-Word Questions you should ask to get your prospect to Tell You Exactly How to Close Them
  • How to Get Your Prospect Begging You to See Your Presentation
  • 5 Techniques to Handle Almost Any Objection Your Prospects Have
  • The 13 Word Question All Network Marketers Should Ask As Soon as The Prospect Finishes Watching the Presentation
  • The Secret to Closing in Network Marketing (Discover What You're Really Selling ... It's Not What You Think)
  • Discover the Proven Way to Close That's Cool, non-hypey and Makes Your Prospects Love You
  • The Real Reasons Why Prospects Say "No" and How to Turn "No's" Into "Yes's"
  • and much more ...

Just One Strategy Alone Could Be Worth $10,000+

Any single ONE of these strategies should easily put tens of thousands of dollars into your bank account, but when you put all of these techniques and formulas and strategies together ...

There's no reason you can't extract hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) over your entire career from this one single product.

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Magnetic Selling Formula

If you act today, I'll throw in my Magnetic Selling Formula Course at no additional cost (normally sells for $297).

This is the exact template that I use for writing online sales copy that converts.  So if you want to create leveraged sales tools like sales letters, webinars and online sales videos that convert prospects into sales on autopilot (yes, even while you're sleeping), then you're going to love the magnetic selling formula.

  • How to Pull Your Prospects Toward a Buying Decision Without Being Pushy or Annoying
  • The Fast and Easy Way to Create a Sales Letter
  • Discover All the Tools You Need to Record a Video Sales Letter
  • Step-by-Step Technical Walkthrough Showing How to Get Your Sales Page Setup and Connected with the Rest of Your Funnel
  • Discover the "Sneaky" strategy that I use to simultaneously deliver my Lead Magnet and "Close the Sale" Right After a Cold Prospect Opts In
  • Swipe one of my Best Sales Presentations ... word for word and slide by slide with complete psychological breakdown

Objection Obliteration

As an added Bonus when you "Say Yes" Today, I'll also throw in my Objection Obliteration Course at no additional cost (normally sells for $197)

  • Word for Word Examples of How to Overcome 8 of the Biggest Objections You get In Direct Sales
  • What to Say when a Prospect Says "I Don't Have the Money"
  • "I Don't Have the Time"
  • I've Got to Think it Over"
  • "I Want to Do My Research"
  • "I Need to Talk to My Spouse"
  • For Network Marketers, I'll Show you exactly what to say when a Prospect says "Is This a Pyramid?"
  • "I'm not a salesperson"
  • "I Don't Like Making Money off of People"

*** UPDATE ***

I Just Added 6 Additional Bonuses Which
Skyrockets the Value of This Bundle to $2,123

Lead Capture Fast Start ($297 value)

These fast start trainings are designed to get you into action immediately!  No more overwhelm.  No more analysis paralysis.  No more wondering what to do first.  Within your first 24-48 hours, you will have your capture page setup.  It will be connected to your autoresponder and your first few automated follow-up e-mails will be written and ready to go.  I'll show you exactly where to click and what to write so nothing is left to chance.  Even the most techno-challenged grandma will be able to follow along.

YouTube Fast Start ($197 value)

With the YouTube Fast Start Training, You'll have your YouTube channel setup and optimized for lead generation almost instantly.  I'll show you how to record and upload your first video (don't worry if you don't know what to say, I have a simple script for you to follow).  We'll also get your channel connected to an adwords account so you can do Free keyword research and be ready to start running YouTube ads when the time is right.  You'll look over my shoulder and follow along step by step as I show you exactly where to click and what to do.

Facebook Fast Start ($97 value)

Whether you've had a Facebook business page for years ... or you don't even know what one is, the Facebook Fast Start Bonus will be incredibly helpful for you.  If you don't have a business page yet, I'll help you get one set up within a matter of minutes and then I'll help you tweak some settings and optimize your page for maximum lead generation.  There's a few tweaks and tricks in here that even the most experienced Facebook users don't have in place yet.

Target Audience Fast Start ($147 value)

Determining who you to target is ALWAYS step #1 of any marketing campaign.  It is literally the foundation for everything else you do.  This fast start training will help you to hone in on exactly who you should be targeting for the greatest results in your business.  Do you want to target people who are most likely to buy?  This fast start training tells you exactly who they are.  Within a few minutes after completing this fast start training, you will know exactly who to target and you'll have the proper direction for everything else you do going forward in your business.

The $25 Million Dollar Interview ($397 value)

If you're involved in network marketing or direct sales, you are absolutely going to LOVE this bonus.  This is a 2 hour interview that I did with an MLM legend who's earned over $25 million in the industry.  I ask virtually every question you could possibly want the answers to.  Here's just a few ... "How do you find prospects?", "How do you recruit in the cold market, what do you say?", "How do you find business builders that don't quit?", "How do you follow-up?", "How do you get a new rep started quickly?", "How do you increase retention?", "What are the secrets to duplication?" and much more ...

Group Coaching Call With Tyson ($197 value)

Would you like my personal help with your business?  Would you like to have the opportunity to ask me your questions in a LIVE environment?  Would you like for me to show you several strategies (in an intimate mastermind setting) that I use to build my business and that I don't share anywhere else? Well after the launch closes down, I will do a LIVE mastermind style group coaching call with everyone who acts quickly enough to grab this bonus so I can help you personally to overcome any challenges you might be facing or answer any questions that you need to have answered.


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That's a fair question ...

After all, I could definitely make a lot more money by selling these products independently, and keeping 100% of the revenue from my own product sales instead of giving them away as bonuses for an affiliate promotion (in which the commissions will be a fraction of what I would make otherwise)

There's 3 main reasons:

#1 - Kate is an amazing trainer and she puts out incredibly high quality products that I know will give you value.  I want to give you an extra incentive to see how great Kate's training really is (in case you've been living under a rock and have never heard of her before)

#2 - Kate's a friend and I want to help her with her launch.  I've shared the stage with Kate and we've gone on vacations together and I want to help my friend get this amazing product out to more people.

#3 - In full transparency ... Kate is giving away a Maserati to the #1 affiliate who sells the most units of her product and I want to give people more reasons to buy from my affiliate link than from anyone else (I'd love to have that car ... just being honest!)


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