How to Crank Out
High Converting Facebook Ads
in 5 Minutes or Less!

      "It makes absolutely ZERO sense to spend hours writing ads before you even know how your market will respond to your offer" says this 3-time top earner and 7-figure marketing coach

      "If you can provide REAL VALUE to your audience, and you can afford to spend $20-$30 on an ad, I can show you how to write simple Facebook Ads in less than 5 minutes!"



If you've ever launched a Facebook Ad only to have it bomb, you know how incredibly frustrating that is.

And if you spent a lot of time writing that ad, it can really knock the wind out of your sails discouraging you from ever trying again.

I know, because I've launched many failed campaigns.

So the good news is ... you're not alone!

In fact, I refuse to write long ads and build complicated funnels until AFTER I've tested my message first with short, simple, quick-to-launch ads that take less than 5-minutes to write.

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret!  When an ad fails:

The #1 Thing to Fix First is Your Offer

You see, if your audience doesn't want what you're offering them, or if they don't have the problem you're trying to solve ... it won't matter how great your product, service or opportunity is.  They will simply ignore you.

Which is why I've created ...

The 5-Minute Facebook Ad Formula

This video training (which was recorded LIVE for my inner circle members only) shows you step-by-step how to crank out Facebook Ads in less than 5-minutes flat so you can test your offer before fleshing out a full sales funnel, or writing a ton of follow-up messages and more ads.

Wouldn't you prefer to know if your offer is going to work with your audience before spending days or even weeks building out all of that other stuff?

That's exactly what the 5-Minute Facebook ad formula is designed to help you do!

This 3-hour video training can be accessed immediately in our members' website which means you could have this training completed and have an ad up by the end of the day!

Which ultimately means you could ...

Get Leads Reaching Out to You By Tomorrow

If that's something you want my help with ...

Make sure you grab this offer now because it's only available for a few days!

You'll get a username and password within 5 minutes after you checkout, and then this 3-hour video training along with the accompanying PDF guide are yours to keep and review and use forever.

Here's Just a Fraction of What You're Getting:

  • The 5-Minute Facebook Ad Formula (Video Training plus accompanying PDF guide) to write compelling Facebook ads in less than 5 minutes flat!
  • 3 hours and 13 minutes of video content including reviews of REAL Facebook ads along with advice for improvement that you can model in your own business
  • Discover What kind of pictures work best for Facebook Ads (HINT: I rarely recommend professional or stock photos)
  • Why trying to sell "your thing" directly from the ad usually doesn't work. Do THIS instead! (find out at 31:35)
  • What Kind of Links Can we Put in Our Facebook Ads without Getting "Slapped"? (answer at 33:40)
  • How much you should spend on Facebook ads per day even if you're on a limited budget
  • "Should we run multiple ads at the same time? If so, how many per week?" (answer at 41:15)
  • If you want leads that BUY, Discover how to create short 5-7 minute content videos that attract your perfect prospects AND simultaneously sell your product
  • Steal my Simple Video Script to create videos that attract leads AND sell your product at the same time (revelaed at 57:19)
  • How to get your leads to buy from you over your competitors (and how to get them to buy quickly)
  • What kind of landing you should NEVER use if you want your prospects to buy (WARNING! this kind of landing page will almost always Kill your sales conversions. At 1:02:50, I'll show you what kind of landing page instead)
  • 2 Simple Things you can do to make any piece of content WAY more valuable to your audience (and much more likely to convert)
  • How to Build Massive Desire for your product within the first 45 seconds of your content by modeling this simple video script!
  • For anyone in financial services or a business opportunity, here's how to talk about money in your Facebook ads without getting your account shut down!
  • For Network Marketers: The #1 Mistake that Causes most distributors to fail (WARNING! If you are making this mistake, you're putting a HUGE target on your back for legal problems)
  • For Anyone in Health and Wellness: How to write ads that don't get you shut down even if you're talking about senstive topics like weight loss, pain relief, healthier skin and even sexual desire
  • Discover Simple Offers that you can make to to get total strangers to buy from your very quickly so you can acquire a LOT of new customers rapidly with almost no resistance (HINT: Big companies like Dollar Shave Club are wildly profitable with this exact customer acquisition model)
  • How to sell high ticket packages ($2,000+) online to total strangers
  • What to do when you have LOTS of different products in your product line and you're not sure how many you should promote in your marketing
  • How to "link" your Facebook Ad to a Messenger Bot
  • 2 Free Ways to spy on your competitors Facebook ads (both of these methods are 100% Free and super simple to do, yet most people don't even know these methods exists)
  • The 2 Fastest and Simplest Ways to Establish Trust and Credibility Even if Nobody knows who you are!
  • How long should you wait before you go for the sale? (Personally, I get total strangers to pay me $500, $1000 or more on the same day they meet me. If you want to know how I do it, pay close attention at 2:23:37)
  • The right way to create content for turning visitors into sales! (This works especially well for creating webinars to convert your leads into sales like crazy!)
  • If you do webinars, here's one simply thing you can do BEFORE the webinar to increase attendance and get more prospects to buy your product!
  • The Fastest and Simplest Way to Create Desire for your Product!
  • For anyone who has a personal success story with your product, here's how to use your story to create a compelling Facebook ad in less than 5 minutes (examples included)
  • What to do if you don't have a personal success story to share yet? (HINT: This works just as well and ANYONE can do it)
  • How do I set up my Facebook ad targeting so that it only shows to my perfectly targeted audience? (click-by-click, watch over my shoulder as I show exactly how to find your perfect audience on Facebook ... no more wasting money showing your ads to the wrong people)
  • Why "creativity" is NOT required for you to create really great ads and marketing campaigns that produce results!
  • Discover "a special kind of link" that you can use to get more leads from your videos, business cards, social media profile, etc. ... you could even put this "special link" on your car ... it will work anywhere for any business (plus it's cheap and simple to setup ... I'll show you how at 2:49:57)

And a Whole Lot More including ...

With all of the secrets and strategies you're about to discover inside of Video Marketing Blueprint, I expect you'll have clarity in your business like you've never had before.  More importantly, I believe you will see results and you'll experience breakthroughs that are bound to take you to the next level.

In fact, if all you did was go through the Real-Time Facebook Case Study, take action, and model after what I show you, I strongly believe you could ...

Recoop Your Investment and
Be Profitable Within 30 Days

Obviously, I cannot promise you any specific results.

But the Facebook case study alone shows you exactly how to run ads that produce as many on-demand, targeted leads as you want.

I show you what to say in your ads.  What to say in your videos.

And I even show you where to send them after the video so you can start the sales conversion process.

Short of creating your videos FOR you ...

I Cannot Possibly
Make it Easier For You
To Generate an Unlimited
Stream of Leads With Video

But hang on ... we're still not done.

When you Get Started with Video Marketing Blueprint Today, you'll also get:

  • Mastermind and Support Group to Get Your Questions Answered

    Join the private mastermind group to bounce ideas off of other students in the course and get access to me personally so you can get your questions answered when you get stuck.

  • Recorded Q&A

    You’ll have access to the complete recorded question and answer sessions from when we offered these courses to a LIVE audience.  Just about every question you can imagine is covered in these Q&A sessions.  You can use these opportunities to fill in any gaps that might exist in your training

  • Lifetime Access!

    Don’t have time to go through everything right away?  Forgot something and need to review?  No worries!  Revisit the members area at any time in the future to review or consume new content as it’s posted.  This training material is yours forever once when you say yes today.

  • Instant Access to Future Updates

    Let’s face it … technology changes and new strategies and platforms come out all the time.  Therefore updates to the course will be recorded and uploaded to your member’s area as needed when certain “old” techniques are no longer relevant.  This way you will always have access to the most cutting edge information for use in your business.

So How Much is It?

Well here's the deal:

You're basically getting 3 courses in one when you get Video Marketing Blueprint:

  1. You're getting a "starter course" on the basics of video marketing and how to get free organic search traffic.
  2. You're getting an in-depth course on YouTube Ads that will allow you to get instant, piping hot search traffic at the moment when people are looking for your product or opportunity
  3. And you're getting a complete course on Facebook Advertising so you can get some of the most targeted traffic in the world from arguably the best advertising platform on the planet!

And considering that I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars, recruited over a 1,000 reps and became the #1 earner in one of the companies I promote by using the exact same strategies that I'm revealing to you inside of Video Marketing Blueprint ...

I cannot offer this information inexpensively.  Nor do I think you would want me to, and here's why.

If I priced this product ridiculously low at something like $97, then everyone would have access to it.  As a result, the strategies that I teach would become watered down and not be nearly as effective if EVERYONE is using them.

Essentially, I would be training your competition and here's what would happen.

Everyone would be targeting the same keywords and the same interests and audiences.  As a result, the competition and advertising costs would go up (it's basic supply and demand).

In the long run, you'll save more money by paying a premium for this information up front (which means most of your wannapreneur competitions won't have it), giving you a serious leg up and simultaneously keeping your ad costs and competition down.

Because here's the truth ...

I Only Want This Information
To Go To Serious Entrepreneurs

"Video Marketing Blueprint" is not for people who can't focus and never implement anything (while complaining about "information overload") ... Or deal hoppers who think they can learn a super secret "ninja" video trick today and be rich by next week.

If that's you, don't waste your time.

I'm sure there's a place for you somewhere, but it ain't this course.

Having said that, I could easily charge $3000 or more for Video Marketing Blueprint and I believe you would make that investment back quickly once you start implementing.

But ultimately, I decided to make it a bit more affordable (while still keeping the rif-raff out).

The price I decided on is $1,997, and it's an absolutely steal at that price ...

But for a limited time, you can grab it on this page right now for just one payment of $1,497 and nothing to pay again ... EVER.

(if you need a payment plan, you can make 3 low payments of $642)

Limited Time Discount ...

Current Special Only $1,997 $1,497!

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get instant access


Here's What People Are Saying:

Get Results or Get Your Money Back

I believe so strongly that you'll get amazing results with Video Marketing Blueprint that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and offer you a full 60-day Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 60 days to go through the course and implement.  If you don't see results, simply send me 3 videos that you created using the formula I teach in the course and I will give you a full refund.

What Are You Waiting For?

Current Special Only $1,997 $1,497!

(or just 3 payments of $642)

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