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~ April 2017 ~

How to Get Highly Qualified Leads with Facebook Ads for as Little as $10/day (even if you're brand new and have no credibility)

  • Discover The 5-word phrase that got my Facebook ad account shut down
  • How I got my ad account back (along with an apology)
  • You Have to Have a Big Budget to do Paid Advertising on Facebook, Right? ... Wrong! I'll Show You How to Get Same Day Leads, Sales and Enrollments for as Little as $10/day
  • What “trigger words” You Should NEVER Use in Your Ads (Unless You Want to Get Your Account Shut Down and Banned For Good)
  • How to Structure Your Ad Account So That You Have Almost ZERO down time if Facebook does Shut You Down
  • How to write compelling “story ads” that sell like crazy all while flying way under the sales radar (these types of ads get lots of shares, comments, likes and engagement AND Facebook Loves them which means you get better traffic for less money)
  • An insider’s look at my own ads and a breakdown of which ones are working best for me right now and why (images, copy, etc.)
  • The Persuasion Secret Used by Jesus Christ and David Copperfield that Can Help You Close Way More Sales
  • 5 Incredibly Effective Formulas for Writing Story Ads That Generate Leads Like Clockwork
  • How to Establish Credibility Even if You're Brand New and Don't Have Any Results Yet
  • What to Do if Facebook Disapproves Your Ad or Shuts Down Your Account
  • Say Goodbye to Daily Content Creation, Blogging and Hours of Posting on Social Media Day After Day
  • 7 Ways to Instantly Grab People's Attention and Have Them Stopping in Their Tracks When They Scroll Across Your Post in Their Newsfeed
  • The 5 "Must-Have" Elements to Include in Your Facebook Post That Will Have People Begging to See Your Product, Service or Opportunity!
  • 5 Simple Tricks That Will Drastically Decrease the Cost of Advertising on Facebook
  • An Old School Secret Used by Famous Mad Men Era Advertisers That Works Like Gangbusters on Facebook So People Don't Ignore Your Ads
  • What To Do When Your Ad Bombs and How to Fix it!
  • How Long Should You Wait Before Analyzing the Results of a Facebook Ad? (This Answer Might Surprise You)
  • Watch Over My Shoulder in Real Time as I Build a Facebook Ad Campaign For My Own Business From Scratch
  • How to Scale a Winning Campaign Without Making Your Profit Margins Go Out of Whack!
  • **BONUS** Case Study of One Member Who Got Two Ad Accounts Shut Down. Watch as I Analyze His Ads and Breakdown Where He Went Wrong (Study This Video Carefully to Avoid Making the Same Mistakes)
  • **BONUS** If You Want to Build a Local Team or Advertise a Local Business on Facebook, Watch Me Build a Real Ad Campaign For My Own Local Business and Target People Based on Their Specific Geographic Location
  • Lifetime Access to the Recordings
  • And More ...
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~ May 2017 ~

Top Earner Lead Generation Secrets:
How to Brand Yourself as a Leader & Generate Autopilot Leads With Free Giveaways That Are Fast and Easy to Create

  • The #1 Secret All Top Earners Know (Allowing Them to Easily Crush the Competition) that Rookie Network Marketers and Newbie Affiliates Are Completely Clueless About.
  • Lead Magnets ... (aka - a free giveaway in exchange for someone's contact information) those take forever to create, right? WRONG! Discover Why Shorter Lead Magnets -- Created in Less Than 20 Minutes -- Are Actually Way More Effective
  • Discover a Simple 15 Minute Exercise That Will Give you Endless Attraction Marketing Ideas So You Never Run Out of Things to Talk About or Ways to Generate Leads
  • What's the Best Format for a Lead Magnet? Should I Give Away a Video, Audio, PDF or Something Entirely Different? I'll Give you the Answer Tonight!
  • Why Company Produced Capture Pages, Replicated Websites, and other company provided marketing materials Are Setting You Up for Failure (Even if They Are Really Good)
  • How to Create a Compelling Lead Magnet in Less Than 20 Minutes
  • The “Grocery Store Checkout Line Trick" That Takes All the Guesswork Out of Creating Good Free Giveaways to Attract Leads
  • 5 Simple Formulas for Giving Your Lead Magnet an Irresistible Name
  • 65 Lead Magnet Examples and Ideas for Multiple Niches That You Can Swipe and Model in Your Own Business Immediately. (Health, Weight Loss, Travel, Bizop, Energy, Skincare, Financial Services, Fashion, Insurance, Anti-Aging, Jewelry, Make-up, Hair, Household products and more)
  • A Proven Way for Anyone (Regardless of Skill or Experience Level) to Create a KILLER Giveaway that Will Generate Leads and Establish Credibility Even if You're Brand New and Have ZERO Results
  • Lifetime Access to the Recordings
  • And More ...
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~ June 2017 ~

Converting Leads into Sales:

Discover the Simple 5-Part Formula
(Based on a 2,400 Year Old Persuasion Philosophy)
That’s Proven to Convert Over and Over

  • Swipe My Exact 7-Step Blueprint for Creating Automated Presentations That Convert (no one-on-one calls required)
  • How do I Justify the Price of my product When the Prospect Complains that it Costs Too Much? I’ll Show You How in Step 6.
  • I Need Results First in Order to Establish Credibility, Right? WRONG! Discover 11 Different Ways to Build Massive Credibility with Total Strangers (10 of them can be used by complete newbies)
  • The “4-Legged Stool Trick” That’s Proven to Sky-Rocket Your Sales Conversions
  • Discover the Simple 5-Part Formula That Will “Unlock” Your Prospects’ Wallet (It’s Based on a 2,400 Year Old Persuasion Philosophy That’s Stood the Test of Time)
  • REVEALED! The Exact Automated Presentation That Helped Me to Become the #1 Income Earner in a Popular Affiliate Program (Model it in Your Own Business and You’ll Leave the Competition Scratching Their Heads Wondering How You Did It!)
  • Discover The 2-Word Phrase That Beachbody Used in Their P90X Infomercial To Produce Over $200 Million in Sales (and How You Can Easily Implement This Simple Strategy to Pad Your Own Bank Account)
  • The One-Two Credibility Punch That Gets Your Prospects to Trust You in a Matter of Seconds (WARNING! This Works Best if You Don’t Have a Proven Track Record of Results Yet)
  • Discover 12 Different Ways to Transition to “The Sales Pitch” Without Making it Weird or Un-natural or Hypey!
  • How Can I Grab People’s Attention and Hook Them Into Listening to My Message When There’s Already So Much “Noise” Online? I’ll give you 13 Tips That Will Grab Your Prospects Attention in a Matter of Seconds.
  • [For NETWORK MARKETERS and AFFILIATES] Discover The Best Way to Get Prospects to Buy From YOU Specifically Over Every Other Distributor in Your Company
  • Lifetime Access to the Recordings
  • And More ...
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~ July 2017 ~

Top Earner Round-table Discussion

Discover How to Enroll 10-20 New People Every Month with Low-Tech Strategies That Even “Computer Challenged” People Can Do

  • How to Build Your Entire Business Online with Nothing More Than a FREE Facebook Account
  • Discover How to Enroll 10-20 New People Every Month with Low-Tech Strategies Even “Computer Challenged” People Can Do (No website, no capture page and no autoresponder required)
  • Discover How Many 7 Figure Network Marketers Are Building Their Businesses Online Using This Exact Same Low-Tech “Funnel”
  • Julie will Reveal How She Built a Team of 8,300 people and soared to the top of her network marketing company making over $750,000 without compiling a "warm market list" or making a single cold call.
  • Whit and Cari will Reveal How They are Closing up to 70% of their prospects without being pushy or salesy (Just over a year ago, they were living in their parents' basement with 2 kids. Last month they made more money than Whit used to make in a year in his full time job.)
  • Is Building a Business Online Really All That Different from Building Offline? Discover the Simple 3-Step Process That Works Whether you’re building Online, Offline or a combination of the two.
  • Discover How one self-admitted “not-good-with-computers” networker built a $250,000 per month income using this exact same strategy (she has no capture page, no autoresponder and no paid software)
  • Say Goodbye to Complicated Funnels with a thousand moving parts! You can build your entire marketing “funnel” for your business with a Free Facebook account.
  • The Simplest (and Fastest) Way to Turn Cold Market Strangers into Raving, Red-Hot Fans Who Ask YOU How They Buy Your Product or Join Your Business.
  • Should I Promote my Business from a Personal Facebook Page or a Business Page or a Group? Find out once and for all inside!
  • Yes (if I haven’t made it clear already) … Even if you’re brand new or “tech stupid” or even if you have zero experience online, this simple approach can work for you
  • Lifetime Access to the Recordings
  • And More ...
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~ August 2017 ~

Facebook LIVE Streaming Video

Discover How to Attract the Highest Quality Leads and Build Relationships Lightning Fast with Facebook LIVE Streaming

  • The Fastest (and Simplest) Way to do LIVE Broadcasts Even if You’re on a Budget
  • Discover the Simple 5-Step Formula that I use on virtually Every one of my own Facebook LIVEs (it results in a ton of likes, comments, shares and most importantly … High Quality Laser Targeted Leads who are already warmed up and ready to buy)
  • What Should I Talk About? – Discover my Secret for Generating Endless Content Ideas so You Never Run Out of Things to Say
  • Doesn't LIVE Video require a lot of lengthy Prep Work? NOPE! I’ll show you my exact workflow for how I prepare for and shoot my LIVE videos all in less than 15 minutes per day.
  • Why Ugly Videos that I shoot right as I’m leaving the gym (in my workout clothes, hair messed up, no shower, using no expensive equipment … just my smartphone) actually perform better than fancy “polished” videos.
  • How to do LIVE streaming videos with or without your face (I’ll show you a super affordable tool that you can use to do narrated screen sharing LIVE broadcasts where your Face is completely off-camera or in the corner as a picture-in-picture overlay)
  • Discover a Simple Way to Get More LIVE Attendees to Show Up to Your Broadcast
  • Grab my Complete Equipment List … You can choose to go entirely primitive with nothing more than your smart phone (which works great) or, if you’re the “bells and whistles” type, you can upgrade with as many add-ons and cool gear as you’d like (microphones, lights, software, car mounts, selfie sticks, etc.) – the option is yours.
  • A Simple Trick to Get People to Stop and Watch Your Video when scrolling through their News feed
  • Discover 4 Simple Things to Write in Your Post Description that Virtually Guarantee More Viewers, Leads and Sales
  • How to Get Instant, High Quality Traffic to Your Videos
  • Should I Go LIVE from my Personal Page or my Business Page? I'll tell you exactly which circumstances are appropriate for each
  • How to Take Advantage of a Rare Facebook Algorithm Loophole that Allows LIVE video to get preferential treatment over almost every other type of Facebook post (more organic reach, cheaper ads, higher relevance scores, etc.)
  • How to Get Subtitles on your Video Fast and Free
  • Get a Complete Breakdown to 3 of My Best Performing Facebook LIVE Videos
  • How to Automatically (While You're Sleeping) Start Private Chat Message Conversations with Anyone who comments on Your Post
  • Why Low LIVE Attendance doesn’t bother me any more (and how I still generate tons of leads even if no one attends LIVE)
  • A super easy way to get more people commenting and liking your posts
  • The number one “gotcha” that stops people in their tracks after doing their first LIVE video and how to avoid it
  • How long should my videos be?
  • How do I add text and links?
  • How do I go LIVE from my phone?
  • How do I go LIVE from my computer?
  • How do I interview an expert or bring on my team members in a LIVE broadcast?
  • If I have more than one page, can I decide where it broadcasts to?
  • Can I Broadcast to multiple locations simultaneously?
  • Can I prevent my Friends and Family from seeing it?
  • How often should I do LIVE broadcasts?
  • For the Ladies: Do I need to do my hair and make-up?
  • How do I get the Best lighting on a budget (aka FREE)?
  • How do I get the best audio quality on a budget (aka FREE)?
  • What should I wear? (Do I need to get dressed up?)
  • Can I use a teleprompter app with Facebook LIVE? I'll show you what I do that works even better than a teleprompter.
  • How to take 99% of the intimidation out of your very first Facebook LIVE broadcast and virtually guarantee that no one says anything negative (even if you totally screw it up)
  • Lifetime Access to the Recordings
  • And More ...
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~ September 2017 ~

List Building Secrets

Discover How to Build a Massive Audience of Highly Targeted Leads from Scratch (Even if Nobody Currently Knows Who You Are)

  • My Favorite 7 Types of Lists to Build Online Revealed (with step-by-step instructions of how to fill your them full of red hot leads)
  • If you've ever been told that "making a list of 100 people you know is the best way to build your business", get ready to have a whole new world of list building opportunities opened to you.
  • Discover why using a list of "anyone with a pulse" is the most frustrating and time consuming way to build a business. Instead, I'll show you how to get tons of high quality leads on your list so you're only dealing with people who already want your product, service or opportunity.
  • 3 Simple Steps to Demystify List Building Once and for All ... It's a lot simpler than you've probably been told.
  • Discover How Building a High Quality list is Just Like Fishing (HINT: If you want to land a whale, you can't be using worms for bait)
  • What kind of "bait" should I use to attract my perfect prospect? I'll give you several examples and I'll explain why short, simple, quick to create lead magnets (aka "bait") work best.
  • Don't I need a big budget and an established web presence to build a list quickly? Not at all. I'll show you 6 Real World Funnels That Allow you to Build your List lightning fast with no out-of-pocket expense (even if you're just starting out)
  • Discover the 5 Main Things You Must Do with Your List to get them to pull out their credit cards and buy.
  • Should I Send Cold Traffic (aka Strangers) to a lead capture page or straight to a sales page? The answer may surprise you. I'll give you 6 easy questions to ask yourself that will help you to determine the correct answer for your business.
  • Why Copying Popular "Proven" Funnel Layouts (as suggested by many gurus) is usually a very costly mistake.
  • The Math Doesn't Lie! Discover 6 Real World Funnels from Real Businesses revealing Actual Sales conversion numbers (I had to dig and pull a few strings to acquire this data) so you can make a "calculated decision" about which list building funnel will work best for your business.
  • 1-Page Lead Magnets? Can these Quick and Easy Creations Really Attract Leads? YES! In most cases they actually work better than long, complicated giveaways. I'll Give You 8 Examples of One-Page Lead Magnets Inside
  • Discover 5 'Lists' That Facebook Will Build For You if you Just know how to turn this feature on (it's free and it's already available in your Facebook Account ... But 90% of business owners don't even know it's there)
  • Lifetime Access to the Recordings
  • And More ...
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~ October 2017 ~

Swipe 31 of My Best Converting Emails

Discover How a Simple 15-minute per day Email Strategy (That I Avoided for Nearly 2 Years) Increased My Revenue by $304,806 in just 9 Months

  • How to Double Your Sales with a Non-Pushy Follow-Up Strategy that takes less than 15 minutes a day and Makes prospects Actually WANT to hear from you
  • For Network Marketers: Discover Why Email Marketing is the Best Way to Recruit 5-10 New Reps Each and Every Month
  • For Affiliate Marketers: Get Word for Word Affiliate Marketing Emails That I've Used Personally to Crush it in Affiliate Programs and Contests.
  • Download A Complete PDF Swipe File with 31 of My Very Best Converting Emails
  • Discover the Most Important Part of an Email (HINT: It's not the Subject Line, nor the topic, nor the opening sentence, nor the message and not even the offer or the call to action)
  • How a Naked Stranger Strolling the Public Streets of San Francisco Helped Me Unlock the Secrets of Email Marketing
  • 24 Different Types of Emails You Can Write so Your List Never Gets Bored
  • How to Give a Sales Pitch in EVERY Email That Not Only Gets People Pulling out their Wallets ... But Has Them Thanking You and Looking Forward to More
  • The Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza Trick to Never Running out of Ideas for What to Say in Your Emails
  • The Simple 2-Part Email Strategy That Allows You to Create a Huge Sales Spike Each and Every Month
  • Why Long Ugly Links Will Help You to Get More Clicks (and Sales) Than Pretty, "Masked" Hyperlinks
  • Discover a FREE (Simple-to-use) Tool That Can Help you Increase Your Email Deliverability
  • How to come up with an Endless stream of content ideas even if you don't have a creative bone in your body.
  • Won't Sending a Lot of Email Make People Mad? Not if you do it the way I show you. In fact, if you take a break, your subscribers will likely start asking where you've been.
  • How Often Should I Mail My List?
  • How Long Should My Emails Be?
  • What if I'm not a good writer? I'll Show You Why Perfect Grammar and Great Writing Chops Are the Least Important Part of Writing Emails That Sell (WARNING! Some Academic Types May Have to "Unlearn" the Proper Writing Style You Were Taught in School)
  • How to Re-purpose Emails to Get 2x, 3x and even 4x the Reach
  • Discover Why Unsubscribes Are Not to Be Feared ... but rather celebrated
  • What Should I Write to a Brand New Subscriber? I'm Giving You Word-for-Word Copies of My Very Own Welcome Sequence That I Use for New Subscribers So You Can Model it In Your Own Business
  • 25 Subject Line Ideas That Jump Out of the Inbox and Command Attention
  • Discover the Secret of the "Second Headline" that you Must Use in Every Email (Almost No One Uses This Trick But it's Critical to Increasing Your Open Rates)
  • Swipe and Deploy my 4-Day Sales Surge Sequence to Help You Get a Flood of Recruits and Transactions Very Quickly
  • Lifetime Access to the Recordings
  • And More ...
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~ November 2017 ~

Millionaire Mom Interview

How a Single Mom and College Drop-Out (Who Didn’t Even Know What Network Marketing Was) Rose to the Top of Her Company and Earned Multiple Millions in a single year

Listed Below Are All of the Questions That were Asked and Answered During this Interview:

Questions for/about our Single Mom Top-Earner Guest

  • Tell us your success story. How did you find network marketing? Were you an instant success? If not, what struggles did you experience?
  • If you had to start all over from scratch what are the main things you would do to build your business quickly?
  • Do you use the internet and if so, in what capacity? (Social media prospecting, webinars to recruit? Webinars for team building? Attraction Marketing? Online Advertising, etc.)?
  • How many of your personal recruits came from outside of your warm market (in other words, they were NOT friends, family, acquaintances or referrals from your team)
  • How much of your team are product users only vs. people also building the business?

General Questions About the Industry

  • What are the main things someone should look for to choose the best network marketing company?
  • What percentage of recruits actually duplicate and create substantial success?
  • Do you encounter the negative reaction many people have toward network marketing? If so, how do you handle it?
  • To really make the big money, can people really just plug into what already exists or do they need to step into the limelight and lead the system that everyone else plugs into?

Lead Generation / Finding Prospects

  • What are some of the best ways for a new team member to generate leads quickly?
  • What are your personal primary methods of lead generation? Have you ever purchased leads?
  • Do you recommend leading with the product or the opportunity?
  • How do I turn a casual conversation into talking about my product?
  • I've heard it said that you should "recruit UP". Is there a certain type of person that you look for to recruit? How do you find people who are leaders when your warm market is 99% life-long employees?
  • What do you think about having prospects apply to join my team?

How to Build on Social Media

  • Do you recommend posting on a personal Facebook page or a business/fan page?
  • How often (and what) do you recommend posting on Facebook?
  • How do you increase your following on Facebook?


  • What communication method(s) do you use for follow-up? (primarily phone, email, text, private messenger, etc.)?
  • Do you use the same follow-up method for both prospects and customers?
  • I have a very hard time getting a return call from people. What kind of voice mail do you leave when people won't answer your calls?

Closing the Sale

  • Do you typically close your prospects in person, over the phone, on a webinar, via some sort of sales letter/video, etc.?
  • Do you have any recommendations for closing the sale immediately when you know the prospect is on the fence?

Objection Handling

How do you handle common objections such as:
  • I don't have time
  • I don't have the money
  • I'm not a salesperson
  • I'd like to think about it
  • The product is expensive (I can find it cheaper elsewhere)
  • Only the people at the top make any money

Retention, Team Building, and Duplication

  • What do you do with a new team member in the first 24-48 hours to get them started on the right foot?
  • What's the #1 Tip you would give to achieve duplication?
  • How do you handle "Poisonous people" on your team (the ones that gossip, spread rumors, try to poach off cross lines, etc.)?
  • How do you keep your team momentum going? People seem to come in so excited and then go MIA right away.

Mindset and Workflow

  • What was your daily routine when you first started out? Does it differ now and if so, how?
  • How do you manage such a large team? What kind of leverage (systems, processes, etc.) do you put in place to guard your time?
  • I tend to get discouraged easily when people tell me no. What do you read or listen to in order to stay positive?
  • How do you deal with friends and family that doubt you?
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New Bonuses Just Added

~ New Bonus Just Added ~

8 Fast Start Trainings

These 8 Fast Start Trainings are designed to get you into action fast. Within your first few days, you'll discover exactly who to target, where to find buyers online, how to set up your Facebook and YouTube channels for maximum lead generation, Endless Content Ideas so you never run out of things to talk about in your marketing and more.

Target Audience Selection Fast Start

Discover exactly who you should be targeting for your business and how to find them online.

Lead Capture Page (and Autoresponder) Fast Start

After completing this fast start training, you will have your first lead generation funnel set up lightning fast (even if you’re brand new, completely technology challenged and have never generated a single lead online before)

YouTube Fast Start

I’ll show you how to set up a Free YouTube channel and how to optimize it for lead generation. YouTube has been one of my highest quality source of leads for years now and I’ll show you every step of how to set up your own channel for generating high quality leads online.

Facebook Fast Start

Whether you already have a Facebook business page or you simply need to optimize your existing page to help you generate more leads, this fast start training will show you exactly what to do. (some of you will tweak settings you didn’t even know were available that will drastically increase the response you get from people on Facebook)

Endless Content Ideas

What would I talk about in my marketing? What should I say in a video? What should I post on Facebook? What kind of content should I put on my blog to attract people to me? You will never have to ask these kinds of questions again after you finish going through "Endless Content Ideas"

Finding Buyers Online

If you've ever been frustrated by website visitors NOT converting into sales on your site, this training is the perfect solution. I'll give you the Fast Start guide to finding buyers online and how to get them to convert into sales on your website

5 Simple Steps to Close

What good are all the leads in the world if you don’t know how to turn those leads into sales? This fast start training will show you the fastest, easiest and most effective way to close more sales quickly (it’s a simply 5-step formula that you can start using immediately)

The Daily Action Plan to Eliminate Overwhelm

If you've ever been overwhelmed at the thought of everything you need to do to build your business online ... If you've ever been confused about where you should start ... This training gives you the EXACT blueprint for what to focus on first and what daily activities will start producing results and eliminate overwhelm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are these courses delivered?

All of these trainings are delivered digitally inside of a password protected members area.  Within 5 minutes after completing check-out, you will receive an email with your username and password so you can get logged in and start going through these courses immediately.


How long do I have access?

Forever!  Once you complete this purchase, you will have lifetime access to everything listed on this page.  Your username and password will never expire.


What is the refund policy?

In order to remain fair to our inner circle members (who did NOT have a money-back guarantee when attending these trainings LIVE, and who paid nearly 3 times more for this exact same information that you're getting today at a discount), all sales are final.  We have a "sink or swim" policy with the inner circle.  This stuff works when put into action.  But if you have no intention of implementing this training or if you doubt it will have an impact on your business, then please allow one of these 200 coveted spots to go to someone else who will actually use it (no hard feelings).

Can I Access These Courses from a Mobile Device?

Yes, the members' website works great on phones and tablets as well as computers so you can access these trainings even when you're on the go.  As long as you have an internet connection, you can watch these videos and listen to these trainings anywhere you'd like (including the gym or even in your car)

Is there a monthly fee for these courses?

No.  This is a one-time purchase.  So you will not be charged a monthly fee and you will NOT be automatically enrolled into any kind of subscription program without your consent.


Will this work for someone who is new and/or technology challenged?

Yes and Yes.  You can easily implement what's taught in these courses even if you're brand new or tech-stupid.  In fact, most of our inner circle students who went through this training when it was taught LIVE were brand new to online marketing (and many were brand new to business in general).

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